Medical Services

Accessible, world-class healthcare in one of Africa's most hostile regions. Made possible at Chelsea Village.


Securing high quality medical care is one of the greatest challenges of travelling to hostile environments and members of the international community often find themselves without viable options when faced with a medical need.

To address this requirement in the Mogadishu region, Chelsea Village is host to a world-class medical treatment facility.  The first of its kind, the facility is run by Medical Support Specialists (MSS) and offers a range of treatments and medical services. Modelled on the NATO Role2+ or UN Level 2 standard, the centre is available to MSS members as well as Chelsea Village guests at a discounted rate.

Designed for the provision of primary healthcare, outpatient consults and preventive medical treatment for individuals living and working within the Aden Adde International Airport (AAIA) zone as well as those evacuated from outside the AAIA, the facility has expanded into a fully operational unit that covers a broad spectrum of clinical disciplines as well as emergency and evacuation services.

What We Offer

Whether it’s a check-up, routine, elective or life-saving surgery, the clinical team cover a range of onsite services.

  • Primary Healthcare
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Surgical Services
  • Road Ambulance & Emergency Care
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Dentistry
  • Clinical Laboratory & Diagnostic Imaging
  • Pharmacy & Emergency Blood Supply

Leaders in remote healthcare, Medical Support Solutions offer expert medical services in Mogadishu

Our on-site medical facility is provided by Medical Support Solutions (MSS) who run a NATO Role 2+ or UN Level 2 standard operation in Chelsea Village.

In the industry for over 25 years, Medical Support Solutions are specialists in medical healthcare services in remote, hazardous and complex areas. They bring a wealth of experience to the Chelsea Village group facility, offering some of their most capable medical professionals to support Chelsea Village guests as well as other private MSS members seeking healthcare in the region.

The MSS team have been at Chelsea Village since 2015, providing a broad range of medical services and offering an invaluable contribution to the camp as well as its status as a world-class facility in the AAIA.

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