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Enigma Alliance is able to transform inhospitable areas into safe, comfortable and enjoyable experiences. Enigma’s range of modular products includes: secure container accommodation, water technology systems and custom-made, easily transportable gyms.

Providing peace of mind, expert organisation and on-the-ground support, Enigma Alliance provides an end-to-end solution for clients who are operating in challenging environments. We truly know camps and can provide their services (whether that’s just part of our offerings or the entire camp setup) in any part of the world.

Whether you’re interested in one of the modular products or want to find out more about camp builds, contact colinl@enigma-alliance.com today.

Here are the services we offer:

NapCap modular container units are specifically designed for field operations by a team who have spent years working in remote locations. Crafted by European shipbuilders, NapCap offers an innovative product of superior build quality, built to ISO standards. Easily transportable, able to withstand extreme temperatures, NapCaps are designed for fast assembly around the world. Offering quality and peace of mind, comfort is also a key delivery: inside our standard 20-foot container find double bed, en-suite bathroom, desk and sofa. From en-suite accommodation to offices,  NapCap is able to custom-design each unit to suit our clients’ requirements. Contact colinl@enigma-alliance.com

Chelsea Village guests enjoy clean World Health Organisation-standard drinking water straight from the tap thanks to the WaterCap mobile plug and play Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Pre-engineered and modular in design, they allow for simple connection and maintenance making them ideal for remote areas. The systems can transform water – from sub-surface and deep-well aquifers with high salinity levels through to sea water – into clean and safe drinking water. WaterCap’s Mobile Water Treatment Plants can be skid mounted and containerised to suit any environment and are ideally suited for mobile camps, oil and gas infrastructures, remote mining operations, remote communities and life support infrastructure with limited access to safe clean water. Contact colinl@enigma-alliance.com 

Enigma Alliance has partnered with Indigo Fitness to bring you GymCap, a modular gym solution suitable for any terrain. GymCap is a container gym built to ISO standards that is easily transportable and quick to assemble, providing high-quality physical training solutions that are ideal for challenging environments. GymCap offers clients cardio equipment with the latest low-maintenance, self-powered treadmills, rowers, air bikes and cross trainers, as well as storage and weight-pulley systems. A broad spectrum of small equipment is included that can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. A high-end, cost-effective, modular gym, GymCap is easy to assemble and maintain, functional, resilient and safe, and designed by experts who understand the needs of the end user. Contact colinl@enigma-alliance.com

COG is a team of remote-site specialists who plan, build and manage camp projects. With years of experience in East Africa, projects range from the high-end NapCap container accommodation of Chelsea Village to tented camps for mining clients. COG oversees all areas of camp build from power to water, catering to security. Contact colinl@enigma-alliance.com

Cognitive Designs can bring a little bit of home into your compound and take out the sterility that is so often prevalent on remote locations. Our interior designer can not only re-design your space, but source all the required products and materials, including recycling current materials, arrange shipping and transport, and complete the re-fit using our trained expatriate crew of skilled electricians, plumbers, craftsmen and decorators. All of this can be achieved within a pre-agreed budget and agreed timelines (shipping times permitting). Contact colinl@enigma-alliance.com


Enigma Alliance is part of the Chelsea Group, a dynamic group of companies that specialise in services for fragile environments ranging from security to power production to specialised humanitarian project support. The Chelsea Group has experience in 97 countries and is able to offer integrated solutions to clients located in challenging environments.

Here are some of the Chelsea Group companies whose services are used at Chelsea Village:

Hart Nationwide is a partnership between internationally recognised private security company Hart and Nationwide Enterprise, a leading service provider in East Africa. Hart Nationwide is excellently placed to deliver security solutions to those involved in enhancing the future of Somalia. Contact Greg Brownlow cmsom@hartnationwide.com


Providing unique support to the humanitarian and development community in fragile and conflict-affected countries, CTG specialises in the rapid mobilisation and management of skilled and unskilled personnel. CTG operates in 24 countries with ongoing projects in Somalia. With an office at Chelsea Village, the CTG team are readily available to support their consultants working in-country – many of whom are also guests at Chelsea Village.

Contact enquiries@ctg.org


With a focus on entrepreneurship and business development, the companies of Enigma Alliance break into two specialist areas: Remote Site Services (NapCap, WaterCap, GymCap and COG) and Technology (from AI to Cyber Security).


To find out more about our companies, visit www.chelseagroupworldwide.com


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