06 / 10 / 2017

The first GymCap is rolled out in Mogadishu, offering modular expert-designed training solutions

Enigma Alliance and Indigo Fitness, a leading accredited performance equipment manufacturer, are proud to announce the launch of GymCap, a modular gym solution suitable for any terrain anywhere in the world. The first GymCap, a double-container and rig gym unit built to ISO standards, was rolled out in Chelsea Village, Mogadishu. Easily transported and quick to assemble, GymCap provides high-quality physical training solutions ideal for challenging environments.

The idea for GymCap came from a team with a background in the military, security and humanitarian industries, who have hands-on experience of living and working in remote countries. They believed that in stress-heavy environments, health and wellbeing is crucial for those working there, but in high-risk areas freedom of movement isn’t always possible.

The solution was a high-end, cost-effective, modular gym that ticked all of the needs for such environments: easy to assemble and maintain, functional, resilient and safe, and designed by experts who understand the needs of the end user and combined it with a comfortable and appealing aesthetic. And so GymCap was born.

GymCap includes cardio equipment unit with the latest low-maintenance, self-powered treadmill, rower, air bike and cross trainers pre-installed, as well as a weight-pulley system and a broad spectrum of small equipment is included that can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. Thanks to the modular design, the gym can be easily dismantled and moved to another location as required.

The location for the GymCap launch put our product to the test. On the 8th of September 2017, the first GymCap was unveiled to a crowd of 50 guests at Chelsea Village, a secure accommodation camp in the Mogadishu International Airport zone. Guests included members of government, OCHAUN Habitat and the UN, British, American and other military, as well as private companies.

The GymCap arrived on Somali shores two days prior to the launch, taking only 48 hours for the structure and equipment to be assembled from the containers. Thanks to the modular design, the gym can be easily dismantled and moved to another location as required.

‘The response was phenomenal,’ said Daniel Stewart, who oversaw the project and cut the ribbon to officially open the gym. ‘Guests were amazed that we had managed to bring in a gym of such calibre into Mogadishu, and set it up ourselves.’

‘Delivering the first GymCap was made possible thanks to the team effort in the UK and in Mogadishu,’ said Rob Coleman, CEO of Indigo Fitness, the British design and manufacturing company that brought GymCap to life. ‘We’ll await guest feedback but feel very confident GymCap will be well received.’

The purpose of GymCap in Somalia is twofold. The first is to provide health and wellbeing facilities to the guests at Chelsea Village, the majority of whom work in the humanitarian and development communities. Chelsea Village hosts up to 180 guests and recognises that maintaining fitness is a challenge but an essential part of guests’ health and wellbeing. An added benefit it that a quality gym area can become a social hub in a secure camp compound such as this.

The second is to empower local communities to develop their own health and wellbeing industry through bringing this product to market. ‘I wanted to show clients and the Somali community how easy it is to install mobile plug-and-play fitness facilities at reasonable cost into organisations like this,’ says Stewart. ‘Our hope is to help lead the way in technology and education of local Somalis in the sports and fitness arena.’

GymCap is an excellent health and wellbeing solution for communities working in countries such as Somalia, including the military, police as well as humanitarian and development agencies. GymCap can be designed to clients’ needs, and can be as elaborate or as simplistic as required. It can also operate with solar power or be plugged into the mains, as required.

Phase two of GymCap will offer online personal training including rehabilitation and dietary programmes.