COVID-19 Measures at Chelsea Village

The Chelsea Village team are on their way to being fully vaccinated as 95% of staff have completed two doses. We look forward to reaching 100% soon!

These are the preventative measures that the Chelsea Village team has put in place for living and working in the COVID-19 world that we all find ourselves in. Our priority is the safety of our community of clients and employees.

  • Testing for COVID-19

    • Government Approved Fit to Travel Certificate from On Air. The PCR swab test is administered in the comfort of your room or at Medical Support Solution’s (MSS) Role 1 and Role 2 medical clinic, located within Chelsea Village. Results available within 24 hours.
    • Rapid Swab test Available directly from MSS
    • Rapid blood test Available directly from MSS
  • Additional Prevention

    • Temperature screening
    • Regular hand wash and hand sanitising at critical control points
    • Protection barrier at food serving areas
    • PPE for laundry handling
    • Occupancy management of dining and public areas
    • Limited face-to-face interactions
    • Limited number of critical-only meetings while maintaining physical distance
  • Quarantining after Travelling and checking into Chelsea Village

    • Day 1 Arrive with COVID-19 Negative Certificate and no symptoms; guest required to quarantine. Food, towels, sheets and cleaning products delivered to your room throughout quarantine. Self-clean your own room.
    • Day 6 PCR Test.
    • Day 7 Negative result from COVID-19 test, guest free to use camp dining room, gym, etc. but must always wear a mask (apart from eating) and continue with physical . Client can request room to be cleaned by our housekeeping team.
  • Preparedness

    • Identification of potentially sick clients and employees
    • Physical distancing
    • Hygiene and source controls (Client and employee face covering)
    • Workplace building ventilation
    • Workplace cleaning and disinfecting protocols
    • Communications and training practices
    • Close liaising with WHO and Medical Support Solutions to constantly review and revise any of above measures in place on regular basis
  • Taking Care of Sick Clients or Employees

    • We ensure any guests or employees with symptoms remain in isolation in their rooms and are monitored by medical personnel
    • Clients and employees are to inform management immediately if any signs and symptoms of COVID-19
    • Chelsea Village has implemented extended leave policies and isolation to support its employees if symptoms develop when at home or at work until fully fit for duty
    • Chelsea Village will inform its clients and employees if they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 at their workplace and if they are required to quarantine
    • In addition, a policy is in place to protect the privacy of clients’ and employees’ health status and health information
  • Quarantining if tested Positive for COVID-19 at Chelsea Village

    • Minimum 14 days quarantine in own room until PCR test shows Negative and no COVID-19 symptoms presenting.
    • Food, housekeeping and cleaning materials will be dropped off outside your room for collection.
    • Contact with staff, colleagues or visitors is restricted.
    • Further precautions are taken such as laundry handled at separate facility where laundry staff use PPE and follow decontamination procedures; and specific trash bins are used.
    • Medical Support Solutions available to check in on patients and monitor progress pending client’s membership status with them.