COVID-19 Measures at Chelsea Village

The Chelsea Village team are proud to be 100% vaccinated!

Important Update: COVID-19 Protocol during Pandemic Period

We are pleased to announce the news that the World Health Organisation officially declared the end of the COVID-19 global health emergency in May. However, we believe it is essential to acknowledge the measures we had diligently implemented during this challenging time. Please note that the following information relates to the COVID-19 protocols that were in effect during the pandemic and were put in place to prioritise the health and safety of the Chelsea Village employees, and guests. As the situation has improved, some of these protocols are no longer required. We encourage you to refer to the most recent guidelines and recommendations from local health authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the current COVID-19 status and precautionary measures. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding throughout the pandemic and remain committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all at Chelsea Village.

These are the preventative measures that the Chelsea Village team has put in place for living and working in the COVID-19 world that we all find ourselves in. Our priority is the safety of our community of clients and employees.

  • Testing for COVID-19

    • Government Approved Fit to Travel Certificate from On Air. The PCR swab test is administered in the comfort of your room or at Medical Support Solution’s (MSS) Role 1 and Role 2 medical clinic, located within Chelsea Village. Results available within 24 hours.
    • Rapid Swab test Available directly from MSS
    • Rapid blood test Available directly from MSS
  • Additional Prevention

    • Temperature screening
    • Regular hand wash and hand sanitising at critical control points
    • Protection barrier at food serving areas
    • PPE for laundry handling
    • Occupancy management of dining and public areas
    • Limited face-to-face interactions
    • Limited number of critical-only meetings while maintaining physical distance
  • Quarantining after Travelling and checking into Chelsea Village

    • Fully vaccinated people and those who have had their first dose of vaccine within the last 14 days of arrival do not need to quarantine.

    For those who are unvaccinated the process is as below:

    • Day 1 Arrive with COVID-19 Negative Certificate and no symptoms; guest required to quarantine. Food, towels, sheets and cleaning products delivered to your room throughout quarantine. Self-clean your own room.
    • Day 6 PCR Test.
    • Day 7 Negative result from COVID-19 test, guest free to use camp dining room, gym, etc. but must always wear a mask (apart from eating) and continue with physical . Client can request room to be cleaned by our housekeeping team.
  • Preparedness

    • Identification of potentially sick clients and employees
    • Physical distancing
    • Hygiene and source controls (Client and employee face covering)
    • Workplace building ventilation
    • Workplace cleaning and disinfecting protocols
    • Communications and training practices
    • Close liaising with WHO and Medical Support Solutions to constantly review and revise any of above measures in place on regular basis
  • Taking Care of Sick Clients or Employees

    • We ensure any guests or employees with symptoms remain in isolation in their rooms and are monitored by medical personnel
    • Clients and employees are to inform management immediately if any signs and symptoms of COVID-19
    • Chelsea Village has implemented extended leave policies and isolation to support its employees if symptoms develop when at home or at work until fully fit for duty
    • Chelsea Village will inform its clients and employees if they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 at their workplace and if they are required to quarantine
    • In addition, a policy is in place to protect the privacy of clients’ and employees’ health status and health information
  • Quarantining if tested Positive for COVID-19 at Chelsea Village

    • Minimum 14 days quarantine in own room until PCR test shows Negative and no COVID-19 symptoms presenting.
    • Food, housekeeping and cleaning materials will be dropped off outside your room for collection.
    • Contact with staff, colleagues or visitors is restricted.
    • Further precautions are taken such as laundry handled at separate facility where laundry staff use PPE and follow decontamination procedures; and specific trash bins are used.
    • Medical Support Solutions available to check in on patients and monitor progress pending client’s membership status with them.