We believe that comfort shouldn’t be compromised, regardless of the location.

While we’re not sure which ‘road’ you’ll be staying on at Chelsea Village – Oxford Street perhaps or possibly Covent Garden  – one thing is for certain: your room will be of an exceptional standard. The portable accommodation units are the brain-child of NapCap and are crafted by respected Croatian shipbuilders Brodosplit to European standards. They are designed by people who have spent years staying in uncomfortable accommodation in dangerous environments and decided that it was time for a change. Rather than the flat-pack units that other companies use and then build on site, the rooms are constructed from welded steel and have extra over-head protection. They are air-conditioned and insulated from external influences, such as wind, dust and moisture and are designed for fast assembly around the world.


The interiors of the containers have been thoughtfully designed to cater for all your needs.

NapCap has created a ready-made container with a custom-made interior that speaks to quality, durability and safety. Your room is complete with en-suite bathroom, double bed, sofa, built in refrigerator, desk, wardrobe, windows with blinds, air conditioning unit and satellite TV. No detail has been overlooked, down to the convenient light above your bed and the storage drawers beneath it. And forget about bottled water – potable water that conforms to World Health Organisation (WHO) drinking standards, is available straight from the bathroom tap.

To find out more about NapCap contact Colin Laubscher, colinl@enigma-alliance.com 

Chelsea Village Room Photo

It’s the details that make our accommodation superior to the rest.

  • Wi-fi
  • WHO-standard potable water
  • Double bed
  • Shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Bar fridge
  • No smoking


Just as our clients are a diverse mix of cultures and nationalities, so are our chefs.


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