Chelsea Village is in the heart of the Aden Adde International Airport zone (AAIA).

Located in the secure Aden Adde International Airport zone (AAIA), Chelsea Village is two minutes from the airport and a few minutes’ drive from the UN, embassies and other diplomatic missions.

Nestled within the fortified perimeter of the Aden Adde International Airport zone (AAIA), Chelsea Village offers a vital sense of security for travellers seeking convenient accommodation or for professionals in need of a comfortable long-term stay near AAIA. Our knowledgeable staff understands the unique needs of those undertaking extended stays in unfamiliar territories, offering not just lodging, but a sense of reassurance and familiarity in an otherwise unpredictable setting. With comprehensive security measures, tailored services, and a welcoming atmosphere, Chelsea Village ensures that your stay is not just safe, but truly homely including village group night activities and recommendations for nearby attractions and amenities.

If wanting to stretch your legs outside of the camp, it is possible to walk safely along the beach stretch of the AAIA.

On arrival, you’ll be met by a member of the Chelsea Village team who will help you to get your bag and assist you through customs, then you’ll be driven in a soft skin vehicle to Chelsea Village, where you’ll be checked in, given a tour and a security briefing.

All guests receive a Welcome Pack before arrival explaining the arrival process in detail so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

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