Chelsea Village is your home in the heart of the Mogadishu International Airport zone (MIA), that can host up to 184 guests. We pride ourselves on the experience we offer clients, especially the comfort and safety of our rooms, the quality of our catering and the peace of mind provided by our security. We also provide on-site potable water to World Health Organisation standards that is tested daily.

A Chelsea Group project, our vision is to provide camps around the world that are safer and more comfortable than any of the competition. Built and managed by Enigma Smart Site Services, we employ remote management specialists who have years of experience in some of the most logistically challenging environments in the world.



Chelsea Village is located in the heart of the Mogadishu International Airport zone (MIA), two minutes from the airport and a few minutes’ drive from the UN, the UK embassy and other missions. If wanting to stretch your legs outside of the camp, it is possible to walk safely along the beach stretch of the MIA.


Chelsea Village conforms to UN MOSS standards

At Chelsea Village, we offer high standards of security – and are constantly striving to improve both the comfort and the security of our guests’ experience. Chelsea Village has a full-time, on-site Security Manager, Colin Laubscher, with decades of experience and training within the security industry.

We are one of the only camps within the MIA to be contained by T walls. Our fully manned and designed entry control point (ECP) is guarded by our team of armed former Ugandan soldiers and Somali gatemen. The camp is secured by blast wall protection with defensive positions throughout the compound.

The on-site bunker is reinforced with steel and is further protected by the steel containers (offices and a gymnasium) that sit above it.

Our NapCap portable living containers are made out of welded steel, instead of the flat pack units most camps offer, providing superior safety. The accommodation is further safeguarded with extra overhead protection comprising layers of sandbags and a stand-off detonation screen.



Welcome to Chelsea Village! Our team is a mix of both expatriates and locals. A lot of us have extensive experience working in remote and challenging environments. If you’d like to know numbers, Chelsea Village employs: 33 expatriate staff including management, supervisory, tradesmen and guards and 29 local cleaners, watchmen and kitchen staff. We have a policy of ensuring local communities are part of a sustainable company. You can find out a little bit more about our management team below:

COSTA YIANNAKIS | General Manager


General Manager

Costa was born in Malawi and raised in the beautiful Tuscan city of Florence in Italy. Heralding from Greek, English and Scottish descent, it’s easy to see how Costa’s passion for travel and destinations began and continues to grow. Having studied at The University of Chester, Costa gained degrees in Tourism Management and an MSc in Management with International Business. Costa joined the Territorial Army and underwent Army Officer training during his studies, where he was able to hone his leadership skills and his passion for excellence.

Costa is an avid sportsman and an accomplished rower. He has completed several grueling challenges, completing the 100km Del Passatore ultramarathon three times, and running 140km in aid of charity. This is a testament to Costas character: strong in the face of adversity, resilient and continuously striving to achieve.

Costa is a true leader, kind, considerate and always approachable. He is passionate about nurturing and developing those around him, especially the less fortunate, making him a widely respected businessman and a pillar of his local community.

COLIN LAUBSCHER | Security Manager


Security Manager

Colin comes from a multi-national background of German/Swiss and Irish descent. He is ex-South African military and home is Johannesburg. He has worked the circuit in Angola, Zambia, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan. He brings with him 13 consecutive years of recent Afghan private security experience consisting of US-led opium eradication operations Afghanistan-wide. He spent the last 7.5 year as the Embedded Project Manager for the European Union Police Mission to Afghanistan. Colin’s aim is to inject valuable EU-experienced security standards to the current UN-compliant Chelsea Village compound, where the ultimate goal is having Chelsea Village being used as the security model for future UN & EU accommodation needs in a conflict zone. In his down time Colin’s hobbies involve the great outdoors; he really enjoys safari/off-roading in the South African bushveld.

MAXIM ALVA | Logistics Manager


Logistics Manager

Vince and Max are the two guys that our guests first meet when coming to Chelsea Village. They’ll often collect guests from the airport and take them to our comfortable reception area for their welcome and induction meeting. Max is the Camp Manager and is responsible for the successful day to day operation of the camp. Max is very ably supported by Fred who runs the Housekeeping section and James who manages the superb, same day return, laundry.

DENIS ALJUKIC | Construction Manager


Construction Manager

From the very first day and the breaking of ground on Chelsea Village, Denis has overseen the construction and continued of expansion of Chelsea Village. Denis not only brings boundless strength, energy and passion to the project but years of experience building camps in Afghanistan as well as Kosovo. He is a ‘Jack of All Trades AND Master of All’ turning his hands not only to construction but the running of the power generation systems and highly sophisticated WaterCap water treatment plant that pumps out totally potable water into Chelsea Village’s taps and showers. Besides Denis’ own experience he brings a team of fellow Bosnians who work tirelessly to create the unique home that is Chelsea Village.

DANDA PANDAY | Catering Manager


Catering Manager

Danda heads up our brigade of six international chefs and bakers at Chelsea Village and is undoubtedly the man behind Chelsea Village’s enviable reputation for consistently serving the best food within MIA. A Nepalese national he worked with Phil in Mozambique and Sierra Leone and also has considerable Afghanistan and Iraq experience, as do the rest of the team in the kitchen. This means that they are used to working in conflict zones and far from running from the sound of gunfire, they can emerge from a bunker in the morning and still get out a full lunchtime food service for 1500 people on time and perfectly presented!

ROSE BETHELL | Interior Designer, Cognitive Designs


Interior Designer, Cognitive Designs

Rose is responsible for adding the feel-right-at-home touches to Chelsea Village. With a background in décor and fashion styling, she has worked for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and has styled celebrities including Adele. While it’s unlikely that any celebrities will be visiting Chelsea Village any time soon (never say never), it is Rose’s creative eye and talent that has removed the sterility so often found in camps in remote environments. Working alongside the COG building team, her aim was to create a welcoming atmosphere, with comfortable places that encouraged guests to relax and socialize in, transforming areas like the dining room and outside space. While some materials are imported, Rose always strives to incorporate what is available on site into her design: and so pallets have a new lease of life as chairs and old oil drums are transformed into tables. Follow Rose and her Mogadishu design makeovers on Instagram @wallpaperinginwarzones

STUART PAGE | CEO, Enigma Alliance (including NapCap, WaterCap, GymCap and COG)


CEO, Enigma Alliance (including NapCap, WaterCap, GymCap and COG)

Stuart’s core experience is as a senior executive and security expert in international affairs and engagement in the diplomatic service, security, intelligence, military and the United Nations. He’s seen some places, with time spent in-country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Libya and North Africa. But what really gets Stuart motivated is business development, something his company Engima Alliance is constantly expanding on. It was his years of staying in uncomfortable and risky places that made him determined to change the below-average accommodation so often found in field operations. And so NapCap – the company provides the high-end, super comfortable and secure container units at Chelsea Village – came into being. The portfolio swiftly expanded and is known today as Enigma Smart Site Services, with the addition of WaterCap (modular water treatment systems) and GymCap (modular gyms suitable for any environment). COG are his team of brilliant, remote-site specialists who are responsible for the success of Chelsea Village.

DANIEL STEWART | COO, Enigma Alliance (including NapCap, WaterCap, GymCap and COG)


COO, Enigma Alliance (including NapCap, WaterCap, GymCap and COG)

Daniel started out his commercial life in the Risk and Intelligence community in London and was Head of Operations. Since joining Enigma Alliance, Daniel has conducted both water and infrastructure projects in Somalia, Mozambique and across central Africa. He oversees Enigma Smart Site Services and projects like these are his key area of operations; working alongside NGO sectors through to mining sectors, he is able to deliver bespoke solutions in the most austere locations. 2017 saw Daniel developing the first state-of-the-art mobile plug-and-play containerised gym system, with a joint venture partner, and rapidly deploying it to Mogadishu. This is the flagship GymCap which now lives at Chelsea Village offering our guests and others in the MIA a high-end fitness option. Daniel is instrumental in bringing the very latest products, technologies and partnerships to the Enigma Smart Site Services portfolio, ensuring complete delivery.





Our rooms are unlike any other field operation accommodation.